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So target really is deprecated, huh?

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 at 10:15 am

Yes I know, both Molly and Derek have reported on it already, but after pointing out in my 10 reasons why clients don’t care about accessibility article that one reason is that nobody has been sued properly yet, it seems we are one step in that direction.

Target is being sued for inaccessibility. From the webaim list:

This is to bring to your attention that a web accessibility lawsuit has been filed against the retail store Target. For further information, please see the disability rights advocates site . There are two links about NFB v. Target at the bottom of the page – one is a factsheet and the other is the actual complaint filed February 7, 2006. The International Center on Disability has also posted the information on their homepage at Filed in California State court, the complaint alleges violations of the California Unruh Civil Rights Act and the California Disabled Persons Act. Relief requested includes statutory damages which may include treble damages under the Unruh Civil Rights Act. California law incorporates the Americans with Disabilities Act provisions in the Unruh Civil Rights Act and provides for relief beyond that available at the federal level.

The very interesting part is that target seem to be only a whitelabeled site using the Amazon API, once again proof that the backend can be good but you still can make a pig’s ear out of it.

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