Christian Heilmann

Retro gaming and an annoying mobile game

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006 at 3:26 pm

Good news for all who like Commodore 64 games and bad news for office productivity: At – classic Commodore 64 games online you can play all the classics you played instead of doing homework in your browser (as Java objects).

As I finally arrived in 2005 when it comes to mobiles (my girlfriend dropping my old one being the main initiator) I found a game for Nokia Smartphones that looks like nothing but is highly addictive and has that “Tetris” simplicity: Roto is a free J2ME game, and asks of you to put all the corners of a floating object on rectangles of the same colour to make the rectangles disappear. Sounds easy, and the first few levels seem ridiculous, but the game shows its teeth later on. You cannot turn the object, you can only accelerate and move it in 4 directions and bounce it off the edges of the screen. It is a fullfy fledged physics simulation and behaves accordingly. Good time waster for a while.

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