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Help stress-testing a DOMscripting helper library / object

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 at 11:47 pm

Following a thread on the evolt list about reading the next sibling element of a current element and making sure it really is an element and not a text node (line break), I decided to add a small helper object to my upcoming JavaScript book that takes care of some of these issues.

Give it a try: DOMhelp

My questions now are:

  • Is that something that really can help save beginners frustration
    about different browsers and DOM oddities?
  • Is it pretty bullet proof?
  • can you think of other methods that should be in there?

I promise to add a greeting, should you come up with something I
forgot or find out I did wrong. I don’t get many free copies though…


I am aware that there are a lot of libraries already out there, but
most of them are just too massive to use in a beginner book.

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