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Accessibility mistakes we have all done

Wednesday, January 11th, 2006 at 4:03 pm

I am currently writing up my follow up article for my digital web article 10 reasons why clients don’t care about accessibility aptly named “Seven habits of projects who fail to deliver accessibility”.

In it I’ll be listing mistakes I have encountered and done which caused the final product to become less accessible than it could have been. Examples are taking all the accessibility responsibility away from the client and believing the product description of a CMS without really testing if it delivers what it promises.

What are the snags that you kept encountering in your products?

One I just had to suffer again is a company trying to cut down the amount of incoming emails by looping requests through an FAQ system that fails to help:

Dear Christian,
The following may help in answering your question:
No matches were found.
If this response did not answer your question, you can submit it now

No, it didn’t help me, and a clever system would not even bother showing this message.

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