Christian Heilmann

Do HR people even read their job ads when they get published?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005 at 6:02 pm

I just had a good chuckle at this job advertisment on . If you haven’t seen the WTF yet, check the wage – £17,999 to £18,000. Makes you wonder what extra qualification you need to get the extra pound.

It may be Reed’s system filling those automatically, but I generally found that not only the wages in IT plummeted the last year or so, but with them the quality of job descriptions. I have seen job specs for people I was asked to hire change miraculously to something I really don’t need and got job offers for Senior J2EE roles as I seem to be good in JavaScript.

Read my lips: Java is to JavaScript as car is to carpet.

I am quite sure that a lot of the money wasted in IT these days is because of miscommunication in the hiring process. Did you have similar experiences?

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