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AFLAX – The reverse Unobtrusive Flash Object

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005 at 7:18 pm

Some of you may remember Bobby van der Sluis’ Unobtrusive Flash Objects – a clever way to add Flash to pages only when and if the browser supports it.

Paul Colton has now come up with a different idea of making JavaScript and Flash boogie, a JavaScript wrapper for Flash called AFLAX . What this script allows you to do is to script Flash animations with JavaScript – not the Flash IDE or ActionScript.

It does look sexy and pretty cool, but as some other comments at AJAXIAN already pointed out, it seems that we have a hard time to find a good use for this idea. I can imagine that in a closed environment, you can do some nice things with it – like interactive graphs. With Flash being able to talk to the backend and JavaScript doing the same via AJAX it does feel a bit like mixing technologies that don’t need mixing.

Well, I guess we should keep our eyes open what is happening to that.

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