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CSS Toolshed in the making

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005 at 4:22 pm

I finally got around to develop the scripts needed for the CSS toolshed. CSS what? Oh yeah, some may remember that I wanted to provide a means to simulate a CMS driven site to show that CSS can be used on an enterprise level, too.
Initially I meant to call that CSS factory but some people rightfully pointed out that factory has a negative connotation. Therefore I decided to go for CSS toolshed, to take the image of the Zen Garden a bit further.

In a nutshell, the CSS toolshed will be a site that:

  • has three different templates (homepage, main section, detail section, meta page)
  • has prepopulated navigation
  • has a constantly changing content section – much like a CMS will have when the editors get their hand on it.

A sneak preview with my dummy stylesheet is now available and once I proved myself that the script works, I will need your contributions to make the thing work (clickthe link top right now that will show all the available styles). Have a click through the site to see the changes as they occur now, later on the content section will be populated with content filled building blocks showcased in this collection.

Don’t fret, there will be documentation as to how the page is built, and how to participate.

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