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Business cases for RSS?

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005 at 3:57 pm

My company is currently asking me once again to create an HTML newsletter. And once again, the content is not quite finished. Now, I do so not want to create an HTML newsletter, because:

  • email is flooded as it is
  • I have yet to encounter an HTML newsletter that is not bloated or works in all my email clients in use (Gmail, Squirrelmail, Firefox, Outlook)
  • I would like our emails to reach the recipents, not end up in spam filters.

Personally, I want my company to support RSS, as we all know the benefits:

  • You can easily create it from an interface like WordPress
  • It is a Pull and not a Push technology, meaning I invite people to learn about us, not force them to
  • It is much more versatile and supported by more readers / platforms

The issue I have now is how to tell business stake holders about this. They heard of successful email campaigns and of course they have read newsletters they love (in Outlook). Are there any success stories about RSS out there?

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