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Going Minty

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005 at 12:38 am

Shaun Inman's Mint Shaun Inman is not only a well known blogger and developer who recently put my pathetic efforts in generating CSS constants to shame with his server side CSS constants , no he also developed a very much blogosphere-hyped stats tool called Mint, which is available at

Enthusiastic, as I was, I signed up for the preview and demo just to realise that is database seems to have gone boom. This was a bit of a shame, as I dislike buying cats inside the bag. However, this pussy purrs very much and one painless install later I have Mint running on The recent success of the CSS Table Gallery made my former free counter from not free any longer (more than 9000 hits/day), and I considered to go for Mint instead of dashing out a monthly upgrade (I bought one now, though).

Now, as you can see in the Mint screenshot it is a beauty and gives very much the information you want. However, statscounter does a lot more, including user paths, browser, OS, resolution information and which country your visitors are from.

With Mint being a no-nonsense approach and an extendable architecture I am looking forward to more bits to come. Job well done for now!

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