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Summer gone, Webzines back

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005 at 1:15 pm

I admit I had fallen behind my webzine browsing, mainly because BT promises to make the move of your telephone number to a new location easy, but fouls up badly when you really try to do it. Therefore my only online experience at home is my neighbour’s unencrypted wireless…

Good news is that A List Apart is back with a new, slicker layout and another Joe Clark article, this time dealing with PDF accessibility.

I am also proud to see that is finally live with the new Drupal based layout and will hopefully get some good articles to review there soon. Right now the backlog is rather overwhelming though. has lately taken to have an illustration for every article and its Really, Really, Really Good Introduction to XML is as much what it says on the tin as Cats in Sinks is.

Digital Web focuses on the business end of the web design stick with an article about RFPs . They will publish my article about “10 reasons why our clients don’t care about accessibility” in the next issue I am told.

Devarticles gets very techie in the last few issues, reporting on C++, Java and how to build an encrypted Login system in JavaScript.

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