Christian Heilmann

I want a Mac.

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005 at 11:28 pm

I toyed with the idea of getting myself a Mac for a longer time now, mainly because I want to be able to check my works on this OS and Safari more easily than now. I put some money aside, and now my landlady tells me I need to move out as she wants to sell the house I rent my flat in. Bummer, so it will have to wait a bit more, unless there is someone to sponsor me with nice mini mac out there? UK based company in exchange for some free advertising here and an accessibility consulation of your web presence? (One can dream, right?)

Now, I looked at the Mac Minis, and some 19” TFT so far. The issue I got with the Mini Mac is that I don’t really see the point of spending and extra 55 quid on a wireless card when USB dongles are about 15 quid. Has anyone experience with USB dongles and mini macs? Am I looking for trouble if I want to save these 40 pound?

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