Christian Heilmann

Bombs in London

Thursday, July 7th, 2005 at 12:20 pm

To anybody arriving here via “graphic images london bombs” in Google: What is wrong with you?

I left the house at 8am, and wanted to get to work in time. I crossed Kings Cross probably 10 minutes before the Explosion and got evacuated at Victoria. 50 minutes bus ride later I arrived at the office at 10:20 just to hear that the workshop I had to hold got cancelled. Now I am stuck here and don’t see much chance to get home tonight (south west to north east). And some lowlife spams me with comment spam. Cheers.

And that after all the happy news yesterday. The olympic games are coming, software patents got fought off and the crazy frog gets it in the netherlands .

I am deeply touched by all the emails, text messages and instant messages coming in asking if I am alright.
This is what is important right now, not how many people are dead and injured, where you can find the most graphic pictures and who did it. There is a reason for terrorism, and fighting terrorism is protecting us, but it is fighting a symptom, not a cause. There is also no protection against terrorism. You can do a lot, but there is no way to prevent people from killing other.
It seems causing harm to one another is one of the parts of the human psyche where we are the most inventive. In the middle ages people were unable to read or write but they knew how to torture people and how to create weapons that maim the most.
I don’t want to sound like a hippie, but caring for another and enjoying life and getting on with life is the most important thing right now. I just came back from the shops as I had to buy some clothes to wear tomorrow (I am staying in a company flat nearby) and on my way here I saw a bunch of kids driving their small scooters through a fountain and giggling like mad when they got splashed. It may be a trivial sight, but the innocence and carelessness of it was wonderful to behold. It is not us terrorists fight, it is what we supposedly stand for. Do not let them turn us into bad people full of hate, cause this will mean they have won.

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