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Sunday, June 5th, 2005 at 12:54 am

Just came back home from a Tori Amos gig in Hammersmith. If you don’t know Tori Amos, go to the nearest independent record shop (don’t support the big ones) and buy one of her CDs, read the lyrics while listening to it and be amazed.
It was a very good gig, she is some wonder (playing a piano and an organ at the same time and singing does require some skill). Although, some things I have to remark:

  • Ticketmaster are a bunch of c very greedy people indeed and when you buy a ticket that states “standing place only”, bring a spyglass, as you will be at the very end of the room far far away from the stage perched like tube commuters, and that for 28 pound!
  • Our society consists to 10% of weak bladdered freaks who cannot stand a 100 minutes performance without two loobreaks. Please stop downing 5 pints before you go to a concert
  • George Michael has lyrics! When Tori covered “Father figure” I realised that.
  • There are not enough red haired stars on this planet

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