Christian Heilmann

Netscape 8.0 – the worst of two worlds?

Thursday, May 19th, 2005 at 3:43 pm

It seems that the new Netscape browser does use Firefox as the main engine but renders with the MSIE engine on windows when the “site is relatively safe”, according to Yahoo news.

Does that mean when I want to use the CSS2 support in Firefox and allow Netscape 8 users to see the effects, I also need to send a trojan via some malicious JavaScript?

IE remains the dominant browser, but many users complain of its numerous security vulnerabilities and lack of modern features like tabbed browsing, which lets you visit multiple Web sites without opening multiple browser windows.

Firefox addresses those issues, but some sites won’t work because they’re tailored for IE. The new Netscape, which is only available for Windows PCs, addresses that quandary.

So instead of letting the developers tailoring for IE exclusively feel the impact of their arrogance by losing visitors, we make the browser more forgiving again. Thank you, Netscape!

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