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domCollapse updated – easier accessible and a tad cleaner

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005 at 10:08 am

Update: If you are looking for an even cleaner and animated version of this script check out YUIDomCollapse.

I updated domCollapse, the script explained ages ago in the article “Collapsible Elements with DOM“.
It is cleaner now and generates images with links to indicate that the header is clickable rather than just relying on CSS to indicate. Thank to Stephane for reminding me that screen readers are not text browsers ;-)

Update to Version 2.1 on 06.05.2005:
Due to the overwhelming demand (2 people wanted it), I now added an option to only show one element at a time or multiple ones.

Update to Version 2.3 on 22.05.2005:
You can now define via a parameter on the function call to automatically only allow one expanded element, or not to offer the option at all.

New Version 3.0 on 6th of December 2005
Now the whole script uses the object literal and proper DOM2 event handling. And yes, Safari is supported!

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