Christian Heilmann

what a wonderful day

Tuesday, February 8th, 2005 at 2:41 am

It was sunny and nice today, so I decided to buy a bicycle and explore the city. London seems to be 90% uphill, I know that now.

When I came back I got an email from my ISP about a possible Virus infection, although I got AVG Free Edition running. I checked with the Symantec online checker, and suprise surprise, some trojans were there. Now I ordered my suite and feel like asking Microsoft to sponsor it. The only reason I deal with this crap instead of installing linux and get it over with is that my visitors and clients do use windows, and I need to replicate their environment to see where bugs occur. Now, as Microsoft is able to sell the most, partly because the OS is so easy to extend with some programming knowledge, they should also pay for us to keep it secure. Personally I really don’t see why anyone would write a virus for Windows, other than getting money for it or working for an antivirus company. There is no challenge to it…

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