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Чытаць па-беларуску

Chris will code for bananas
This is the personal blog of Christian Heilmann, pictured on the right.

I started this blog as I was tired of collecting lots and lots of bookmarks (this was before del.icio.us so it basically meant zipping up the bookmarks.html file of my Netscape install and carry that around with me) of solutions to problems I encountered when developing web sites. Furthermore I wanted to try out my solutions on an audience without having to follow massive email threads on various mailing lists.

Over the years it grew and so did I, so now I am not an “HTML Developer” any more but can call myself the Principal Developer Evangelist of the Mozilla Developer Network in the lovely town of London, England.

I moved to the small island off the coast of Europe by chance in 1998 (the company that hired me for the office in Munich, Germany went bust-ish and had to close the German office) and haven’t rued the decision yet.

It is a great place, full of quirky people, a wonderful sense of humour that is a proof of evolution – you can only survive the weather here without going mental when you developed it.

This is a technical “just the facts, ma’am” blog, I don’t want to write about my feelings, my pets, what shoes I bought or that I have a hangover, this is what twitter is for.

So what’s with the name of the blog? Many people ask me about the title, so here’s the story: during the first .com boom I really worked in the bubble and when so many folk came up to me to tell me about their awesome idea for a start up, I just told them “just you wait, till I .com” – so there you have it. This is now ChristianHeilmann.com – the old domain was confusing folk

And with that, why are you still here? There is stuff to be read!