Christian Heilmann

I can haz .net podcast?

Scrounging my referers in statscounter I just came across the .net magazine podcast linking to my blog post about print magazines having problems in delivering tutorials. Yes, I just bought my first iPod a week ago, I am not using iTunes and in general I do stumble across podcasts by chance and not by subscription.

I was pretty much shocked that the podcast discusses my points – if you can call them that – without any of the people involved commenting on the blog post or actually telling me about it (I do write for .net after all). So here are some more points on this matter, as the blog post was a bit rushed.

Anyways, I just wanted to point out that my post is not a snotty attack towards print media as a whole, but was meant to point out that some tutorial materials are just not meant for print but are better online, the same way a lot of online material should undergo a proper editorial process before being put out there.