• On towards my next challenge…

    January 29th, 2015

    One of the things I like where I live in London is my doctor. He is this crazy German who lived for 30 years in Australia before coming to England. During my checkup he speaks a mixture of German, Yiddish, Latin and English and has a dark sense of humour. He also does one thing […]

    Where would people like to see me – some interesting answers

    January 27th, 2015

    For pure Shits and Giggles™ I put up a form yesterday asking people where I should try to work now that I left Mozilla. By no means I have approached all the companies I listed (hence an “other” option). I just wanted to see what people see me as and where I could do some […]

    Browsers, Services and the OS – oh my…

    January 22nd, 2015

    Yesterday’s two hour Windows 10 briefing by Microsoft had some very interesting things in it (The Verge did a great job live blogging it). I was waiting for lots of information about the new browser, code name Spartan, but most was about Windows 10 itself. This is, of course, understandable and shows that I care […]

    Be my eyes, my brain, my second pair of eyes…

    January 19th, 2015

    (cross published on Medium, in case you want to comment on paragraphs). In the last few days, the “Be My Eyes” App made quite a splash. And with good reason, as it is a wonderful idea. The app plans to connect non-sighted people with sighted ones when they are stuck with a certain task. You […]

    You’re a spokesperson, why do you talk about things breaking?

    January 16th, 2015

    Every once in a while you will find someone saying something “bad” about a product of the company they work for. This could be employees or – god forbid – even official spokespeople. It happens to me, too, for example when my browser crashes on me. The inevitable direct response to this is most of […]