• On hating

    March 31st, 2014

    Some months ago I wrote about a word I can’t stand and explained why. I have another one that annoys me, especially when it is used in a flippant fashion in online discussions: hater or “hating on something”. Hate is a powerful thing, and it is always destructive. It is the opposite of love and […]

    100 super useful web sites allowing one simple task each

    March 25th, 2014

    I just came across this post on imgur showing lots of cool little helper sites. Sadly there were no links in the description, so using some Sublime Text Magic, I converted them. Just to find out later that not only do imgur posters either post screenshots of links or unlinked links, no, all of this […]

    Do HTML5 apps have to be online all the time?

    March 23rd, 2014

    One would think that almost five years after the definition of HTML5 offline capabilities this question would be answered. As someone spending a lot of time on HTML5 panels and Q&A sessions at conferences I can tell you though that it gets asked every single time. As part of the App Basics for Firefox OS […]

    Edgeconf 3 – just be there next time, trust me

    March 22nd, 2014

    I just got back from Edgeconf 3 in London, England, and I am blown away by how good the event was. If you are looking for a web conference that is incredible value for money, look no further. The main difference of Edgeconf is its format. Whilst you had a stellar line-up of experts, the […]

    Three Pre-TEDx questions

    March 18th, 2014

    I am excited as a puppy with three tails about the opportunity to speak at TEDx Thessaloniki later this year. It is very different from talks at IT conferences and has been a dream of mine for a while. Today the organisers asked me to answer three questions to get some more insight into what […]